How To Choose The House Interior Design Color in 2022

How To Choose The House Interior Design Color in 2022

We all know that white, beige, gray, and brown will always be the most classic interior colors. But if you are tired of these unchanging colors and you are looking for something special to bring some excitement to your living space, blue would be a great choice.

"Blue is the color of sky, ocean, sleep, and twilight. It is a color that makes me feel so good. When I see it, I almost feel like I am in heaven. For me, blue is the color of sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality. It makes me feel like I am good enough." — Pradnya

Cherytile brings you some modern home interiors and inspiring ideas for home decorating with these gorgeous and beautiful blue colors.


Straight Edge Glass Mosaic Wall Tile

These beautiful blue glass tiles are created through superb craftsmanship giving them extra texture and a beautiful sheen. It also looks clean, modern, and fresh. The translucent nature of blue glass makes these tiles look beautiful in both natural sunlight and indoor light, giving your room a beautiful look no matter what the time of day, perfect for adding color to your room.
They are mesh mounted, so they are easy to install with grout, and you can also remove them from the mesh. This product is perfect for backsplashes, interior walls, and bathrooms.

Random Sized Glass Linear Mosaic Wall Tile

The straight strip design can improve the sense of space, and the glass material has good light transmittance. At the same time, the
3 color options (sky blue & white, blue & white, and green & blue)can satisfy your pursuit of natural scenery such as beaches and sky.
These tiles are exceptionally versatile and suitable for a wide range of design projects including showers, accent walls, and countertops. Resistant to water, and stains, they are easy to maintain and always keep your space clean.

Elongated Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile

blue bathroom design ideas

This elongated hexagon features a modern palette of blue with a stone look that adds instant character to your space. This is the innovation of square, linear, herringbone, honeycomb, and subway tiles and at the same time integrates blue ocean elements, so that your kitchen and bathroom renovation can achieve extraordinary results Residential to light commercial use, this elongated hexagon tile is the perfect choice for backsplashes, vanity walls, shower surrounds and other applications.

3D Beveled Glass Brick Joint Mosaic Wall

This 2" x 4" subway tile has a distinctive beveled edge that adds interest and 3D effect to any space. Featuring beautiful shades of these stunning tiles are crafted out of durable frost-resistant and low-maintenance glass making them suitable for use as a backsplash shower or wall tile in residential and commercial settings. The perfect way to add a touch of color and unexpected interest to any installation is royal blue or grey color coordinates effortlessly with a wide range of slabs and other tiles.

Leaf Shape Glass Mosaic Tiles

Our blue/silver glass in a leaf mosaic tile pattern creates this visually striking design. Inspired by a soothing forest with various foliage and leaf shapes, this elegant glass tile uses the latest waterjet technology to achieve interesting, unique, and curved shapes, ideal for use on walls, shower areas, and other interior areas where a natural look is desired. The continuous herringbone pattern exemplifies class and sophistication. Mesh mounted, this tile is easy to install. The mesh-mounted sheet makes it easy for installation.

Blue Glass Patterned Subway Polished Mosaic Tiles

This collection of glass subway tiles with a natural agate-inspired pattern. The tiles are available in a variety of showstopping, bold colors that will transform whichever wall they are installed in. Sourced from top-quality glass inkjet, and inspired by natural agate stone, these pieces are guaranteed to create a unique and unforgettable fashion statement. CHERYTILE'S tiles enable you to enhance your living space with long-lasting products of the highest caliber. 


Ocean Inkjet Brick Joint Mosaic Tile

Blue ocean mosaic tile for bathroom

Ocean-colored high-quality glass transforms your home into a gorgeous space. Making you feel as if you are in Santorini, bringing the pure Aegeans into your house. It is blue with a little bit of faded texture for a design touch and when mixed and matched with other colors it can create beautiful layouts and designs.


Do you like those design ideas? left a comment to tell me what is your favorite design and color!


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