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Metal Storage Shed 13 x 20 ft

Metal Storage Shed 13 x 20 ft

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Welcome to our exclusive Metal Storage Shed 13x20ft – a storage marvel meticulously crafted for your unique needs. Reinforced with an anti-UV galvanized Steel Coating sheet, this shed exudes unparalleled strength, standing firm against the harshest elements and resisting corrosion. Embrace boundless space with its expansive 13x20ft dimensions, easily accommodating all your gardening tools, lawnmowers, and recreational gear. The clever inclusion of 4 vents ensures a fresh and moisture-free environment, preserving your belongings in top condition. Elevate your storage game with this purpose-built Metal Storage Shed – where security meets spaciousness in a class of its own. Trust in its reliability to safeguard your valuables with ease. Elevate your storage experience and safeguard your valuables with confidence. Your storage needs, are reimagined.

Our metal shed serves as a versatile haven, catering to a spectrum of needs. Its primary role is efficient storage, safeguarding tools, fertilizers, bicycles, and lawnmowers from the elements. In animal husbandry, it provides a secure shelter for raising chickens, ducks, and geese. For gardening enthusiasts, the shed transforms into a dedicated space for planting essentials. Its durable design ensures a reliable hub for organized storage and a protective environment, enhancing the functionality of outdoor spaces for both equipment and livestock needs.



Sidewall height 78.6"
Ridge height 91.3"
Door Dimensions 86.6"x77.6"
Material Anti UV Galvanized Steel Coating sheet
Vents 4
Size options 8x6ft, 8x12ft, 10x20ft, 13x20ft
Door Type Front double-hinged door, side single-hinged door
Ground anchor accessories include Yes
Wind Load 44 miles/h
CHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 13'x20'


    💡Weatherproof Galvanized Steel for Durability.
    💡UV-Resistant Coating for Longevity.
    💡Spacious 13x20ft Size for Ample Storage.
    💡Enhanced Air Circulation with 4 Vents.
    💡Protects Belongings from Harsh Elements.
    💡Stylish and Functional Outdoor Storage Solution.
    💡Secure and Reliable Space for Your Gear.
    💡Snow Load: 30-40kg/sqm.


    Metal Storage Shed 13'x20'

    -Dimension(LxWxH): 157"x 238.6"x 91.3"
    -Weight: 680 lbs

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    -LxWxH (inch): 23.2x82.3x15.7
    -Weight (lb): 687.3


    We're here to support you. This product is backed with our 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    benjamin g
    Nice Shed on Sale

    Took about 4 days to build mostly by myself. Trusses and roof panels are easier with 2 people. Changed the door to other side but back corners need to be reversed (not indicated in instructions). Also I reinforced roof with a few 2x4s integrated with additional shelves.

    Rene M
    Great shed!

    Very nice for storage. Great price delivered right to your door. Take several days to assemble not one day... not possible the platform and sorting out all the piece will take one day easy add another 2-3 for assembly if you are two armature for sure. Be careful not to mistake the metal plate, or install the wrong one to be removed and installed again. Very happy with the outcome only cons on it built the cap on roof a bit too short depending on wind direction and rain level. Could be resolve by slightly large cap.

    Jc Ramdeen
    Strong and durable

    I recently acquired the Outdoor Storage Shed 13x20 FT, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in both durability and functionality. This metal garden shed serves as the perfect storage space for my car, truck, garbage cans, lawn mower, and various other outdoor tools. Its galvanized steel construction ensures robustness and longevity.

    The inclusion of a lockable door adds an extra layer of security, offering peace of mind that my belongings are safeguarded against theft or damage. The shed's ample space easily accommodates all my outdoor equipment, and its generous dimensions make it suitable for placement in my backyard, patio, or lawn.

    The assembly process proved to be straightforward, requiring minimal assistance. Clear instructions and all necessary parts were provided, facilitating a hassle-free installation experience.

    In summary, I am highly satisfied with my purchase of the Outdoor Storage Shed 13x20 FT. It represents a sound investment for anyone seeking a dependable storage solution for their outdoor equipment. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to those in search of a high-quality storage shed for their backyard or patio.

    Michael l.
    it is decent as far as metal sheds go

    Overall it went together very well but when they say assemble on level ground they mean flat water level flat as it will make it all line up better, we built ours on a slab that used to be a pole barn and it is pretty flat but it was a little off and it showed up when trying to align a few pieces.

    The pieces line up correctly if it is off it is the wrong piece, misaligned or uneven ground.

    Me being me I had to make changes to the side door location to align with what was left behind from the pole barn and it made a slight difference but no real problems.

    It is a metal shed NOT a steel fortress it all has to be assembled together correctly to get maximum strength, it will be enough to keep things out of the weather, there are some areas that could use some caulking and I plan to put screen over the vents before the bees move into the shed.

    I still have to assemble and hang to doors but i do not expect any problems with that.

    yes, I would buy another one.

    donald myles
    Time consuming

    This is a decent little shed, it definitely takes 2 people to assemble the frame but once you get the grove it doesn’t take too terribly long. I’d say probably 4 hours total. I just used pallets & nailed plywood on top of the pallets to make a “floor” for it.

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    Metal Storage Shed 13 x 20 ft

    Regular price $2,099.00
    Regular price $2,999.00 Sale price $2,099.00
    Sale Sold out