Who We Are

CheryLife comes from Chery Group as a brand of livelihoods, founded more than a decade ago and headquartered in the Garden City, with seven warehouses across the U.S. and two in Canada, and more than 300 employees.

We focus on backyard equipment, including prefab mobile office/house, gazebos, pergolas, sauna, patio furniture, outdoor storage sheds, and more creative home facilities, aiming to bring you a cheery life.

  • CheryLife Goals

    • We stand out by prioritizing superior customer service, quality, and innovation.
    • Our goal is to provide stylish and functional home products that are not only easy-to-assemble but also affordable for our customers.
  • Better After-sale Services

    • Specialized personnel follow up the installation process of the product to ensure that you can successfully install it.
    • We promise to respond within 2 hours and give solutions within 24 hours after receiving users' inquiries.
  • Our Informations

    Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
    Contact Number: +1 888-473-8388
    Email: info@cherylifeus.com
    Office Address: 61 Commercial Ave,
    Garden City, NY, US, 11530

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Exceptional designs for your outdoor life.

Comfortable Outdoor Living

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