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Portable Freezer Specially Designed for Tesla Model 3

Portable Freezer Specially Designed for Tesla Model 3

Brand: Acopower

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Chill out with a 30% price drop on Tesla Model Y/3 car fridges!

Introducing a portable freezer tailor-made for the Tesla Model 3. 

Easy drop-in installation — simply drop and plug in.

Once Sentry Mode is activated, the refrigerator remains powered.

Bluetooth connectivity enables convenient control for power, temperature adjustments, and on/off functions.

Equipped with a high-quality cooling compressor, it efficiently chills from 50°F to -4°F in just 30 minutes.

Its insulation is a game-changer, with 50% more thickness than your average consumer-grade refrigerator, ensuring superior temperature retention.

What sets TesFridge apart is its seamless integration with your Tesla Model 3, thanks to Smart APP control. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can monitor and adjust the temperature settings from anywhere. Plus, it's versatile, supporting various charging options to suit your needs.

With a generous 22QT capacity, this portable freezer ensures you're well-stocked for your journeys. Whether it's a family road trip, a weekend getaway, or a long-haul adventure, the TesFridge ensures your refreshments are always chilled and ready, making every trip an absolute pleasure.

Whether you're commuting or embarking on a family adventure, rest easy knowing that your expressed milk stays fresh and accessible at all times, it's the perfect travel companion for busy moms.


Model Tesla Model 3; Tesla Model Y
Dimensions(LxWxH)  26.4"x17.4"x10.3"
Inner Dimensions(LxWxH)  14.2"x12.5"x7.1"
Product Weight 25.3lbs
Cooling Range -4°F to 50°F
Refrigeration technology Compressor
MAX/ECO Mode ECO Mode: 36W 2000r/min
MAX Mode: 45W 3000r/min
Low Power Consumption 45W
Low Noises Quieter than 45db
Certification CE Certification
Refrigerant R134A (healthy and environmentally friendly)
Built-in LED Light Yes
3-Stage Dynamic Battery Protection System L/M/H Level Battery Protection Function
Capacity 22 QT
Voltage DC12/24V
Warranty 1-Year Free Replacement
Compressor Warranty 5 Years

User Manual


💡High-efficiency DC compressor and conversion module with high reliability and long life.
💡Compressor delay protection.
💡Fast Cooling in Just 30 Minutes.
💡-4°F Deep Freezing.
💡Portable Power Station recharging with solar panel (12v-30v), 12V/24V DC, and 100-240V AC.
💡Maximize Trunk Utilization.
💡Intelligent car battery protection system.
💡No Ice Ever.
💡Fluoride-free insulation with good heat preservation performance and low energy consumption.
💡Safe to run on angles up to 45°from horizontal.
💡Wide range electronic temperature control, LCD display.


Portable freezer specially designed for Tesla Model 3

-Dimension(LxWxH): 26.4"x17.4"x10.3"
-Weight: 25.3lbs


You can return eligible items within 30 days of receiving an order or 7 days for quick-ship upholstery items. Made-to-order items are not eligible.
And everyone purchase this freezer on our website will get 1-Year Free Replacement! Compressor Warranty: 5 years.

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Portable Car Refrigerator for Tesla Model Y

Maximize Trunk Space Efficiency

TesFridge is engineered to seamlessly fit into your Tesla's sub-trunk, optimizing space utilization to the fullest. With a practical storage capacity of up to 40 liters, you can bring along more food for a larger party!

-4°F Deep Freeze Capability

With its premium cooling compressor, TesFridge rapidly chills food and beverages from 50°F (10°C) to a crisp -4°F (-20°C) in just 30 minutes. Its broad adjustable temperature range allows it to operate as both a fridge and a freezer, accommodating a diverse array of food items.

  • 50% Thicker Than Others

    TesFridge can provide better insulation with a 45mm thick layer. It is 50% thicker than consumer-level fridges in the market.

  • Smart APP Control

    You can set temperature, lock and remotely control your TesFridge through the smart APP

  • Hollow Design

    The heat dissipation that occurs through this design ensures that the fridge stays at the optimal temperature for storing your food and beverages.

  • LED Display

    A user-friendly LED display that provides clear visibility of the current settings and operational status.

  • Easy to Carry

    Its thoughtful design includes ergonomic handles and lightweight materials, making it a breeze to move around or transport to different locations.

  • Flash Reminder

    The integrated flash reminder system is a helpful feature that ensures you never overlook essential tasks related to the fridge.

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How can we help?

Is Tesfridge compatible with any other charging methods?

Yes, This fridge is compatible with portable power stations, portable batteries, and other charging methods. However, it requires a voltage of DC 12/24V or AC 100-240VAC for proper operation.

How does the fridge connect to power in Tesla Model Y and Model 3?

For the Model Y, connecting our TesFridge is effortless, thanks to the power socket conveniently situated on the left side of the rear trunk. Alternatively, for the Model 3, our fridge can be powered through the front cigarette lighter using our provided 3-meter-long cable.

Can the Model 3/Y TesFridge be used in other cars?

Absolutely. Our fridge is designed to be universal, meaning that it can run off of the cigarette lighters found in both gas and electric cars.

Will this car fridge drain 12V battery quickly If I lock the car?

Regarding the situation, our product features a panel where you can set the voltage protection level for the 12V battery. You have the option to choose from three levels: High (H), Medium (M), and Low (L).

Are there any current discounts available? How can I get more discount offers?

1. Currently, we have an automatic 10% discount available sitewide. Whether you're purchasing one item or ten, simply proceed to checkout, and 10% of your order total will be automatically deducted during payment.
2. Additionally, all orders placed between April 1st and July 1st qualify for free shipping.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
TesFridge has truly impressed me with its performance on the road.

It cools quickly to the desired temperature, operates efficiently without draining much of the Tesla battery, and operates so quietly that I barely noticed it running while sleeping in the car. During extended use in remote areas, I unplugged the fridge to conserve energy for the journey back, and to my surprise, its excellent insulation kept the interior temperature under 50F for a full 24 hours. Overall, it's proven to be a fantastic device. While I've only owned it for a month and can't speak to its long-term reliability, it's certainly been a success thus far.

Great utilization of the sub trunk!

This refrigerator fits perfectly in the sub trunk of my Model 3 and performs excellently. It's specifically tailored to complement Tesla vehicles, automatically shutting off when the car's battery reaches a low level, which enhances safety. It has exceeded my expectations. One feature I particularly appreciate is its Bluetooth app, which allows for convenient temperature control of the cooler while parked, eliminating the need to exit the car and open the trunk.

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Portable Freezer Specially Designed for Tesla Model 3

Regular price $419.90
Regular price $599.00 Sale price $419.90
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